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Pocket Cannons Mini Cannon

Dangerous Office Items: Pocket Cannons Mini Cannon

pocketcannons-8People might consider your scissors or stapler possibly the most dangerous item on your desk at work but what if you got a 2-inch muzzle-loading desk cannon then you are adding real firepower to your arsenal.

This cannon can hurl a powerful .30 caliber slingshot ball and they are very easy to fire and load. You can get ammo from the majority of sporting good stores like Academy. You want to get 5/16” steel balls from the sporting goods store.

These pocket cannons strike the balance between power and size. They are small enough to fit in your pocket yet they are powerful enough to destroy anything you might put in its path. Typically these cannons come with a ramrod and three steel balls as a starter kit or to use to put on display next to your mini pocket cannons. You can use Pyrodex, black power, any firework powder, or Triple 7. You are also able to create your own powder from matchheads.

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These cannons have two knobs that allow for you to move the barrel up and down, adjusting it for aiming. The Carriage is built from aluminum and the barrel is made of stainless steel. These pocket cannons are built to last. They work just like the antique cannons from Napoleon’s time or those mortars that were used in the American Civil War.

So, the verdict is in. Pocket Cannons mini cannons are the most dangerous item that can be on your office desk. They are even more powerful than your scissors or stapler guns. They are tons of fun and make a great display piece, that way even if you are not into blowing up little figurines or other items on your desk, you can still display it beautifully. All the while, you know secretly just how much power your little mini cannon posses. Just be sure to use it responsibly. You would not want to get in trouble at work for having a “cannon in your pocket,”.

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Civil War Cannons

Cannons played a major role in the civil war. The most important technology advances during civil war was the ability to produce rifled barrel artillery which were more accurate and had long range. There are many types of cannons that were used in the civil war. Some of the cannons used during civil war are: the 20 pound parrot rifle, 3inch ordnance rifle, 12 pound howitzer, 24 pound howitzer, M1857 12 pound, the 6 pound sun and 10 pound parrot rifle. Smoothbore cannons are categorized into two major groups, guns and howitzers.

Howitzers were manufactured purposely for firing explosive shells in a high trajectory and also for spherical case shots and canister over short distances; they can also be used in situations in which the enemy is concealed behind terrain features. They have short-barrel which makes them best suited for these functions. Howitzers use low powder charges than other guns of the same caliber. Field howitzers that were used during civil war were the 12 pound, 24 pound and the 32 pound they were mostly made of bronze.

The twelve pound napoleon was the most popular cannon used during the civil war. This cannon was named after the Napoleon III of France. This weapon was among the most admired weapons due to the high safety it is associated with. It is also reliable and has high killing power at a close range. Unlike other cannons 12-pounder Napoleon is very heavy and difficult to move over rough terrains.

3-inch rifle it was most widely used during civil way. It was invented by John Griffen. 3inch rifle are made of wrought iron preventing them from tube fracturing or burst. The use of wrought iron makes them the most durable rifles during the civil war. They have a very high level of accuracy.

Parrot rifles invented by Robert Parker Parrot were manufactured in different sizes from 10-pounder up to the rare 300-pounder. The small size was more predominant; they come in two sizes 2.9inch and 3inch. The parrot rifles were manufactured by combining cast iron and wrought iron. The cast iron used was very weak which made the manufacture to reinforce it with wrought iron which made it more reliable. Although they were very accurate they had poor safety repetition. The 20 pounder was the largest field gun used during the civil war. Its barrel weights over 800 kilograms.

Civil war cannons made a very loud sound when they hit a target but they don’t bring devastating damage compared to modern warfare weapons.

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Mini Cannon For Sale

A mini cannon is anything else but not a toy. It is considered as the best and perfect present for someone who has everything. Give it to someone and they will thank you for it because it is one of the coolest things you will ever find. Of course, it is should only be given to someone who has access to shot, fuses and gunpowder.

Every mini cannon is designed to fire using a fireworks fuse. It is important for users to read all the instructions carefully to enjoy firing the cannon. One of the major reasons behind the development of this type of cannon was to enhance the users’ experience. You will definitely have fun when shooting with this type of cannon.

pocketcannons-6One of the major advantages of the mini cannon is that it is tiny. It is actually pocket friendly which means that you can comfortably move around with it wherever you go. If you are planning to use later on, it is easy to carry it with you for later use instead of going back to the house to pick it. Some of the specific important features of the mini cannon include:

· It is a collectible and extremely high quality CNC machine
· It is made in the United States of America and this explains why it is of high quality
· It has a stainless steel barrel
· The base is made of anodized aluminum
· Thumbscrews for the purpose of elevation as well as locking for ease of loading

Mini cannon come in different colors ranging from black, silver, blue and red. This means that you can select your favorite color or the favorite color of the person you are buying it for.

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